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Knox Off Road Future

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:56 am
by Ivy03TJ

We need your help everyone! Since our decrease in #'s our bank account has taken a hit. As we discussed at the meet & greet last night, our account usually sits at about $1000 and is now staying at about $600. That's not bad BUT when you factor in all of our current expenses it definitely is cutting things close now. Our club funds pay for things such as the annual Christmas & July 4th party, the Forum, All of our people to be SFWDA members, Helping with the St. Jude's Event, etc. So this has forced us to see if it is worth removing some costs of things people aren't using or participating in. For one, our forum is barely being used anymore. We went from over 600 members to 160 since the crash and barely any of those are active. We have about 2 post replies a day if that. Is this worth continuing to pay $200 a year to keep it up? If we did opt to get rid of it, we will be looking into other possible forum/blog options that would be free and still allow us to post rides/events/info and you guys reply OR we will just keep the Facebook page but change the format so all member posts are shown on the main feed and everyone can create events and post rides etc! Let us know! Another is Southern Four Wheel Drive Association which gives our club status, Big discounts and insures our events but is $250 per year... Are our members using these benefits to make it worth us paying for or should we stop & have you guys pay the $10 to be a member yourself if you want it? If you don't know what they do for us learn more here: Want to keep it? Let us know! Please click on the link below and take the poll! The Forum decision needs to be made by Saturday so get your votes in before then please!


Re: Knox Off Road Future

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:09 pm
by tonyb
You could drop that southern four-wheel-drive stuff....

Re: Knox Off Road Future

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:58 pm
by W0J0
I've noticed the forum is a ghost town. I've mentioned it before in a thread brought up by management and no real response was given. There was another member that brought up some excellent idea in that thread but without management really getting back into it. I check the forum daily/ multiple times a day looking for something to be going on but it's usually just crickets chirping. As I've noted before, the forum is my only real way to communicate with y'all since I don't Facebook. Yes, I have an account.. It's by choice that I don't go on--check it, I haven't been on since February and it had been many months from the time before that.
I don't have any real answers here but it's hard for members to keep interest in something when it doesn't appear the management is happy and supportive of it.

Anyone looking to buy a jeep? I'm too broke to keep chasing the wobble.

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Re: Knox Off Road Future

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:34 am
by DougL
I voted! Thank you folks.

Speaking of the forum crash. Any way I could get any of the older pictures I had in my old "Doug's past and present" thread? Those were the only copies. Thanks.

Re: Knox Off Road Future

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:12 pm
by Ivy03TJ
Hi Folks! Ok the Poll results are in and here is what we got.

20 out of 30 people chose to get rid of the forum and just use our Facebook page. We have the forum paid for the rest of the year but after that we will not be renewing it for now. This is not permanent, we can always get our forum back if situation improves. But for now we have to do what we have to do! There will also be some changes being made to the Facebook page to make it more user friendly and we may also being changing it to a group instead of a business page so everyone's posts will show up on the main feed and so everyone can post events to it. Stay tuned!

Also 16 of 30 people chose to keep having KOR pay for our members to be a part of SFWDA so that will still be an awesome benefit to all of us in the club! Here is the link if you would like more details about what your membership includes!

Thank you to everyone that participated and hopefully we will continue moving forward and get our club back to normal soon! We realize unfortunately there is no way to please everyone one but when our #'s and bank account decrease we have to make some cuts and this is what the majority chose as the solution. All we need from you guys is PARTICIPATION AND FEEDBACK! So keep it coming! We have our WFTW event/ride coming up October 28th and an out of town club ride November 11th so we hope to see you all out on the trails! We need trail leaders to continue to make trail rides happen and that has become like pulling teeth lately so everyone seems to have no issue telling us we need to be out on the trails more but then no one steps up to lead so please let us know when you are free and we will make it happen! No we may not have time to respond to everyone single feed back but I promise we do take everything posted into consideration. I am working hard on a tech day but we need a shop to make that happen. I am also working on setting up a club pull-a-part day that will also sort of be like a tech day and a learning session as well so stay tuned. Working on more trail rides, camp and rides, out of town rides, a meet & swap and a Jeep cleaning day! If anyone would like to volunteer to help with any of these things or has any connections with local shops for a tech day please contact Lacey at 757-770-9159.